The enclosure at Sologne: the new Bonneau-Vanier stand

François Bonneau, PS president of the Center-Val de Loire region, and Nicolas Vanier, a Loire Valley filmmaker, insist and sign a new letter condemning the excesses of the Solognot confusion. They had already written a press release in the spring of 2020, accompanied by a letter addressed to the then Minister of Environmental Transition, Elizabeth Bourne. From Brinon-sur-Sauldre (18), friends of the roads of Sologne support this warning.

Don't wander

Sologne is surrounded by fences from 4 to 5000 meters. ©Jean-Luc Vezon

In the spring of 2020, everyone undoubtedly remembers the documents of the devoted authors Francois Bonneau and Nicolas Vanier., protesting against the blocking of the Sologne River, which hinders biodiversity and the free movement of animals, threw the surnames of some large landowners located in this hunting area across the public square. The area has also been labeled Natura 2000. It is impossible to forget, because let’s recall that the recovery of this information won the indictment of some media, including Le Petit Solognot… The aforementioned duo will participate in the summer of 2022. Berrichon’s deputy Francois Cormier-Boulijon, as well as actor Francois Clouzet and regional vice-president Jean-Francois Bride, are still aiming for the fences through the platform, which they believe could prevent firefighters from responding to the incident. severe fires. Here is a quote from their joint summer conversation: “The recently released 6th Report of the IPCC found that areas previously protected from fires may be increasingly affected by global warming. (…) Today, Sologne has 4,000 km of fences with up to 4,000 hectares of enclosed areas! What will happen on the day when thousands of animals will be burned alive in these prisons, preventing the emergency intervention of firefighters in fighting the fire? (…).

New mobilization from September 8They continue through this platform. We quote them again:Back in January 2020, an inter-ministerial report showed how much fencing affects biodiversity, landscapes, tourism, forest management, hunting ethics and fire safety. (…) As of today, and as justice has just justified the Centre-Val de Loire region, which has imposed restrictions on the fence against those who want to continue to destroy this beautiful area, we call on Madam Prime Minister to remove without delay this fence, which carries such severe threats to Sologne will be banned. By all means, those who enforce the law and its respect for all, the obvious danger posed by the Sologne fence in fighting fires must be removed. ” The signatories of this forum and the initiators of this approach announce a new mobilization from Orléans (from 16:00 at the Pathe cinema) from September 8 with the aim of preparing a general charter. The Association des Amis des chemins de Sologne also agrees and confirms that the destruction by flames of the picture of a deer found dead on the beach of Gironde this summer did not leave anyone indifferent. Its president Raymond Louis insists: “Yes, there is a high fire risk in these closed parks, these closed environments, with no escape for flora and especially for fauna! Imagine the carnage if it burns…

»Also, on the side of the MPs of the National Meeting, a press release entitled “The state should learn from the Gironde fires by protecting Sologne from forest congestion!” opened after this. Parliamentarians Mathilde Paris (Loire) and Roger Chudeau (Loir-et-Cher) assure: “Two bills were tabled last year to combat the fencing of the forests of Sologne and France. Unfortunately, neither text succeeded, with Sologne exposed to serious threats in terms of biodiversity or fire safety. (…) If no legislative or regulatory changes are foreseen between now and the start of the school year to deal with these issues, we will not hesitate to directly advocate for a bill aimed at limiting and regulating the encroachment of French forests.

“Finally, evidence that the lines are slowly moving is the renewed interest in the national press, especially with two new articles signed by one of our colleagues in the Canard enchaîné and Humanity columns in August. This is even more so since Sologne is among the 18 pre-selected areas for the creation of the twelfth national park in France, at the behest of the Ministry of Ecological Transition, with the aim of protecting wetlands and actual water resources. , with the terms and conditions specific to this label. In the early 2000s, Alain Beignet (PS), former regional councilor and mayor of Lamotte-Beuvron, already tried the idea of ​​a regional nature park…

Mr. Vanier admitted that in the summer of 2021 he laid 650 m of wire netting on his house, but, according to him, did not prevent the movement of animals, citing “strong owners” and “camps” to our colleagues from La Nouvelle République. the other party wants to divide us.” Little Solognot Reminder: This Thursday, September 8, 2022, from 4:00 p.m., an evening is organized at the Pathé d’Orléans cinema, place de Loire. The event will begin with a free screening of Nicolas Vanier’s film “”.

Skip the school “. The actor of the film, François Clouzet (also a signatory of the tribune), will be present. At 18:00 the evening will continue with a debate with the participation of the leading witnesses of the anchorage and a number of associations.

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