PlayStation: Coming in 5 issues

Game News PlayStation: Coming in 5 issues

2022 is a pretty big year for PlayStation. An important year that made the old stand out again. But concretely speaking, what will change? So together we’ll see what the brand and its offering looks like in the future, let’s review these 5 Things to Know!


  • Apple-style placement
  • Mobile and PC ambush
  • A more diverse catalog
  • Soon service will be king
  • New mechanism

Apple-style placement

Of course, we start with the drastic change that you already mentioned, but it is a 50€ increase in the price of the PS5, which is higher than its competitors, Xbox or Nintendo, and remains the same price. But to compensate, PlayStation relies on the globally recognized and prestigious image of Apple, driven by a market-based policy. Indeed, Sony feels threatened by numerous competitors offering subscription game catalogs and Cloud game installations. In the past, PlayStation capitalized on single game sales, but now it needs to continue to focus on services while strengthening its image with its games and machine.

Mobile and PC ambush

Building an aura and brand image allows PlayStation to set itself apart. Now, in constant competition with Xbox, PlayStation is forced to diversify, and therefore will gradually shift its revenue, starting with mobile devices, which Sony expects to generate about 20% of its turnover in 2025. Also with the PC, which will have the PlayStation ecosystem, as explained in the video.

A more diverse catalog

In terms of its catalog of games, Sony manages to satisfy and excite people with the variety of acquisitions it has been able to achieve. We find BluePoint, Naughty Dog, Guerilla or Insomniac Games studio. The goal here is also to make the PS5 an essential purchase or even an investment for the future. However, we also note that Sony is starting to tinker a bit with its future catalog, even if it means manipulating data, which, as seen in the autoplay video, is dangerous to its image. We can see that the PlayStation offering tends to branch out and shift the straight jacket of the solo story to other things. All the studios it owns contribute to maintaining the brand’s strong identity.

Soon service will be king

We cannot stop progress, and even if dematerialization begins to crush the physical sales of games on consoles, there are other revolutions to come. Specifically, subscriptions that offer payment for tons of games. Sony recently followed in the footsteps of GamePass and should be armed with their own titles to shine. Sony is using its more global assets with Crunchyroll, Sony Music, Sony Pictures, which will benefit PS Plus, such as Prime Video from Amazon, to counter the Xbox that is gaining ground. As for exclusives like the Xbox offering, it’s entirely possible that Sony doesn’t need them and intends to continue to capitalize on the sales of single games for a few more years, which incentivizes the purchase of physical consoles.

New mechanism

We finish our overview with the hardware. Two products will be arriving very soon. On the one hand, the PlayStation VR2, which is scheduled for early 2023, and on the other hand, the PS5 Pro. As for the first, a number of difficulties arise. First, the fact that the 5 million people who own a PSVR won’t be ready to buy a new one in 6 years. Second, a catalog offered massively by in-house studios should provide VR games on major PlayStation licenses and therefore evolve for the PC, which indirectly hosts the largest VR market. Finally, the last problem is the launch time, which seems a bit early in the eyes of the players. For the PS5 pro, if we look at the previous generations, it can show the tip of the nose for a maximum of 2 years, bringing a better resolution at 4K 120 FPS.

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