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A little accordion, a lot of world music! There is no doubt that the 27th edition of Grand Sufflet will delight our curious ears that are still hungry for musical discoveries. Make an appointment between 05 and 15 October at Thabord in Rennes and throughout the Brazilian department to discover the “world voice” programme, which is getting richer every year. You’re coming ? we study the program in D-1 month …

Embark on a great musical journey!

Are you ready to sail from continent to continent? As every year, Le Grand Soufflet offers you a rich and dense program in a colorful patchwork style.

Don’t miss the opening of the festival on Thursday, October 5! Two musical events not to be missed! We loved discovering Finnish accordionist-demiurge Kimmo Pohjonen in 2013. Therefore, we will not completely miss the performance of his “younger cousin”. Antti Paalanen. The latter returns to the land of Rennes in Trans 2021, as well as in August 2022 at the Bout du Monde festival. Accordion, rhythms and guttural sound will immerse you in a cozy and enchanting Finnish fantasy. An alliance of bellows and electro for the discovery of bellows techno!

Grand-Sufflet-2022-Antti Paalanen ©Ulla Nikula
Another equally stunning offering through the collective Electric GEM. A melting pot where the revised accordion finds its place among the Balkans, tarantella, Bulgarian sounds, saturated guitar and oriental instruments. Fourteen musicians and singers are on stage for an exciting artistic project that redraws the contours of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Mediterranean will also be an opportunity to get closer to the musical shores of Italy: between Alberi SonoriAn Italian quartet singing the south of Italy, Antonio Castrignanoa large representative of the tarantella or even Maria Mazzotta, the iconic voice of Puglia. The Italian ritornello should have no more secrets for you!

Grand-Sufflet-2022-Deli Teli ©Alexandre Frigoult
We can also act in Greek decibels Crazy Wire In the psychedelic vintage version, in the middle of East and West. same for me Bachar Mar-KhalifaIt swings not only between these two continents, but also between jazz and electro, between France and Lebanon. In Occitania, you will also drag your ears! Two female voices Kokanha will introduce you to a revised and revised Occitan repertoire of polyphonic dance songs. Energy guaranteed! When in a male duet Orchard Cavalieit oscillates between Laurent Cavalié’s warm and sultry voice and Guilhem Verger’s accordion to better convey the Occitan imagination to you and your ears.

Grand-Suffle-2022-Bachar Mar-Khalif ©Habib Saleh

Still in Spain and after the transition to Trans 2021, Rodrigo Cuevascalled “the Freddie Mercury of Asturian folklore” by a journalist from the daily. El País, is a favorite of Grand Sufflet programmers. This fan of folk music not only modernizes traditional Asturian music with a lot of electro and musical prowess, but also breaks the codes, creating the image of half drag queen, half hidalgo magician. A must to discover!

Grand-Sufflet-2022-Rodrigo Cuevas @lacostastudio

Once a Balkan, always a Balkan!

On the Balkan side, thanks to the women’s quartet, we can make our ears roar Bubbey Maze brings another perspective to klezmer music and Yiddish song. The form of clarinet, diatonic accordion, violin and cello is a new interpretation of the classic songs of Eastern and Central European Jewish folklore with solo, duet or unison voices.

Other voices, the other side of the Balkans: with the first duo Ladaniva be a basket to the delight of your ears! They distill Balkan pop, combining traditional Armenian songs, Balkan music and French ballads. Luludji more inspired by gypsy folklore: two polyphonic voices, accordion, clarinet, percussion and double bass. What you need to go on a great trip! Dual Woden offers a journey between Scandinavia and the Balkans equipped with two amazing instruments: a nykelharpa (a bowing hurdy-gurdy) and a hurdy-gurdy. Come and delight your ears by listening to them! Finally, the trio Brazakuja will bring a dose of Brazilian decibels to these Balkan sounds for a delicious melting pot.

Grand-Souffle-2022-Dakh Daughters ©Olga Zakrevska

But if we go a little further from the Balkans? Ukrainian women in the group, away from guns and tanks Girls of Dakh, refugees in France, resist. Seven artists with 15 different instruments that are part of the punk cabaret heritage, including elements of rap or traditional Ukrainian music. Beauty, anger and fantasy for an act of defiance and resistance.

Cross oceans and reach other continents…

There will always be time to cross the Atlantic Ocean and reach South America.
Fans of Brazilian decibels? A Cor Do Brasil will transport you to the notes of samba or bossa.
Nueva Cumbia fans? this Cumbia Boruka will sweep you away with its powerful beat, dazzling energy and overwhelming enthusiasm!
Fans of Mexican music? make a choice Paloma Negra brilliantly combining flamenco, jazz and popular music.
Tango lovers? you must attend the show Piazzolla Piazzolla It commemorates Astor Piazzolla, the father of modern tango as well as the brilliant bandoneon player and visionary Argentine composer. Or spend an evening on a barge watching tango acts Esquina Trio.

Grand-Sufflet-2022-Kumbia Boruka ©DR

Finally, off to Africa and Ethiopia in particular Box, for an energetic and tribal groove. Or choose the Reunion attack Maya Kamati and its electro and committed maloya. Another suggestion around Maloya Wati Watia Zorey group : A mix of Reunionese culture and unconditional love! Discover or rediscover Songo, performing at Grand Sufflet in 2019. A quartet with multiple musical influences playing pop music that mixes soul, trance, electro and Afro psychedelia. Or enjoy the project YEKO directed by Johann Le Ferrand, who has been researching the repertoire of Mali, a cultural crossroads of the African continent, for ten years. An incredible and exciting musical dialogue between Africa and the West!

What if we gossip?

The ball is also an eternal component of the Grand Sufflet festival. Moreover, this year one evening is completely dedicated to him. See you under the tent in Thabor on Thursday 06 October for fun on the forest floor under his guidance Ciac Boom, a trio that takes from Poitou’s traditional heritage, transforms it, and whose sole purpose is to make you dance until you’re thirsty! Tonight they will be accompanied by a duo Ervan Hamon and Janick MartinGreat regulars at Grand Sufflet.

Kan ha discan fans don’t miss out Digabester ! The 4 carhaisien, who have been haloed since their youth, established themselves in the scene of Breton music within a few months. And they did well in this evening of dancing!

The ball will also be in Domloup in its traditional form: only with violin, guitar and diatonic accordion, Arbadetorne will also know how to control the dance (and music) as it is! They will be escorted Olmaro Duo, two traditional accordion players from the Fougere country. This is the case with pensioners Fahrenheit who will do the work.
It is impossible to experience a festival without fanfare! Brothers/Brest Orchestra Thinning hazard On October 9, he will tour Thabor with veuze, bomba, drums, accordion, baritone saxophone and guitar under his arm.

Grand-Sufflet-2022-Danger of Thinning ©DR

Knowing all about Balls & co

Because there’s more to life than decibels, Grand Sufflet brings you three conferences on said decibels in this issue:

  • To know all about the YEKO project: Johann Le Ferran, the group’s founder, tells us about this extraordinary journey and its cultural fusion between North and South. (Tuesday October 12 at 12:30 p.m. at Champs Libres – Rennes)
  • To be invincible at the traditional ball: don’t miss the conference “Le Bal trad in France, the history of the folk movement” by Clément Le Goff, artist and artistic consultant of Grand Soufflet. (Thursday, October 6 at 17:00 in Thabor – Rennes Village)
  • To shine on Maloya in society: Attend a concert on Maloya by Stephane and Jean-Didier Hoareau, members of Trans Kabar. How was the traditional music of Reunion formed by the mixture of cultures? (Wednesday 5 October at 19:00 at Grand Logis – Bruz / Thursday 6 October at 18:00 at Fougeres Media Library)

Grand-Sufflet-2022-Yeko ©DR

So that ? Are you ready for a great musical journey in early fall?


Grand Souffle Festival: 5 to 15 October 2022 – Rennes and all of Ille-et-Vilaine

All information on the Grand Soufflet website: http://www.legrandsoufflet.fr/

Online ticket office: http://www.legrandsoufflet.fr/Tickets


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