DH World Cup Val di Sole 2022: qualifying

This is the big news in today’s qualifying: Amaury Pierron is confident of winning his second title in the general classification at the end of a season in which he clearly dominated head and shoulders. Finn Iles didn’t drive in practice yesterday, and with the rules requiring a driver to make at least two runs to qualify for qualifying (and possibly the final), the Canadian is no longer on the hook.

At the end of the Dantesque season, Amaury Pierron wins the overall. Something tells us that won’t stop us from welding tomorrow to celebrate this name with dignity! ©Keno Derlein

We know the context: Finn had an ultra-violent accident on the morning of the final stage of the world championship last week with wrench head trauma. Given the points gap between Amauri and him overall in the World Cup, his challenge for the title in Val di Sole was not a good calculation, and the Specialized team was well aware of that. That doesn’t detract from the Canadian’s incredible seasonthey will come back even more motivated next year.

The Black Snake is more difficult this year, training places are more important than ever. Thibaut Daprela studies his recital. ©Keno Derlein

The logical decision of the team, taking into account the conditions, as well as the track: Black Snake is busier than ever this year, every mistake is expensive and the gear suffers as much as the pilots. There are so many crossed wheels and so many holes, plus Pompon crazy during these specials.

Valentina Höll is confident at the end of the season, tomorrow the fight for the title will be crazy! ©Keno Derlein

Valentina Höll sets the fastest timefour seconds ahead Monika Hrastnik, was good at Cannes during rehearsal yesterday (see our news). After crashing in Les Gets, Eleonora Farina regains her color by crossing the line in the third fastest time. It should be noted that the French ladies rode very well: Melanie Chappaz and Matilda Bernard are sixth and tenth respectively! As we suspected, Camille Balanche took the start, but immediately dropped out to save his shoulder. Great doubt among the girls for the title!

Monika Hrastnik, who has been very comfortable on this track since the training, passes the second qualifying round. ©Keno Derlein

On the boys side, Andreas Kolb is hot as hell : confirmed by setting the best time of the day after riding hard in practice. The Austrian has made quite a few strides this season, the famous click… We are pleased to see Loris Vergier in second place and his shoulder should not underestimate the treatment the Italian track has in store for him. We’ll have to go back for the Dolce Vita… Its ultra-precise and super-fine steering works wonders, it works in less than two seconds.

Loris Vergier is still doing wonders on this track with his injured shoulder! ©Keno Derlein
Always on France’s side, Benoit Coulanges is in attendanceas usual, for the fourth time. Thibaut Daprela is the sixth Loic Bruni and the seventhAmaury-Pierron, Remy Thirion and Dylan Levesque Make a group shot in the 11th, 12th and 13th places. For super top 20 Hugo Frichtalonand the 28th time for his friend Thomas Estaque !

Dylan Levesque continues his season’s momentum, we hope to see him in the top 10 tomorrow. ©Keno Derlein

Another great day for Rémi Thirion, who confirmed his excellent positions on the toughest track of the year. ©Keno Derlein

There are plenty of fancy non-runners like Angel Suarez, Brook MacDonald, Greg Williamson and Wyn Masters. The great story of the day was written by Flo Payet as he qualified for the 101st final of his career. ! amazing!

Flo Payet ends his career by reaching the final in the toughest version of the Black Snake. A great human rights man, both literally and figuratively… ©Keno Derlein

Finally, We finish by celebrating the great performance of world junior champion Jordan Willimas, who set the best time of the day, including the elite.. When you see how Jackson Goldstone and it rolls, we understand why… See you in the finale, and a great last one from Rob Warner on the mic. We might have some surprises on the comments side, too!

Attention, the next generation has long teeth! ©Keno Derlein

DH Val Di Sole 2022 World Championship qualifying results // Men


DH Val Di Sole 2022 World Championship qualifying results // Ladies


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