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MTB – 2022 World Championship – Les Gets

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Wednesday, August 24 / Mixed teams

After a very good start in this first world competition, the French team was on its way to an impressive success halfway through the race. But the Swiss team will gradually return to contact.

In the final stretch, Tatiana Turnut would suffer a major mechanical problem and lose her saddle, a very rare occurrence that doomed the Habs. In front of Nino Schurter, the multiple world champion will come to Switzerland to present gold despite having a punctured tire!

Frustrated Blues 5th at 1min 35.

The best 6


2. ITALY ITA +0:06



5. FRANCE FRA +1:35


Full ranking HERE

Thursday, August 25

Uphill and downhill qualification ranking of young ladies HERE

Junior Men’s Downhill Qualifying Ranking HERE

HERE in the Women’s Downhill Qualifying Rankings

The men’s downhill qualifying rankings are HERE

Top 3 Cross Country Junior Women

1. HALTER Monique SUI 59:37

2. HUBER Leah SUI +1:16

3. GRZEGORZEWSKA Natalia POL +1:26

Full ranking HERE

Top 3 Cross Country Junior Men

1. SCHEHL Paul GER 1:02:48

2. CHRISTEN Yan SUI +0:18

3. MAGNIER Paul FRA +0:24

Full ranking HERE

Friday, August 26

Top 3 Women’s MTB / Electric / Cross Country

1. GOLDI Nicole SUI 47:00

2. TONSO Justine FRA +1:15

3. SCHNEITTER Nathalie SUI +1:25

Full ranking HERE

Top 3 Men’s MTB / Electric / Cross Country

1. GILLOUX Jerome FR 52:21

2. THOUGH Hugo FRA +0:29

3. RYF Joris SUI +0:42

Peter Sagan, who came to work as a freelancer, took 15th place.

Full ranking HERE

Top 3 / Cross country short ladies

At the start of this world event, the lone tricolor, but the only one at home, Pauline Ferrand is fighting Prevot. The most successful Tricolor mountain biker, very enthusiastic, vowed to do something about this race.

Despite the rain, stormy weather, a very slippery course, he will slide through the traps and above all make a big attack three laps to the finish. Pauline Ferran Prevot flew while all the others were collecting.

A real crowd pleaser at Les Gets who will give a huge ovation to someone coming in search of his first career world title in the short race, his countless gold medals!

Behind, surely the only Swiss who can compete with the Frenchwoman, Alessandra Keller, comes in looking for a big second place, despite losing almost twenty seconds.

1. FERRAND PREVOT Pauline ?? 21:56

2. KELLER Alessandra ?? +0:18

3. GIBSON Gwendalyn ?? +0:21

Full ranking HERE

Top 3 / Short men

More fuss in the men’s race, unfortunately I repeat without the participation of tricolor athletes, which is quite unacceptable and incomprehensible at home, even if we aim for the race on Sunday.

In short, we found the duo of Gaze and American Blevins on the last lap for the win, but it would come down to the last rock when he took all the risks to get ahead.

The New Zealander didn’t ask for too much and once again went for world gold ahead of Helveti, who won two medals.

1. See Samuel ?? 22:21

2. 27 COLOMBO Filippo ?? 22:24

3. 316 LITSCHER Thomas ?? 22:28

Full ranking HERE

Saturday, August 27

Top 3 Junior Ladies Downhill

1. HASTINGS Jenna NZL 4:18.541

2. HEMSTREET Gracey CAN +1,870

3. ROA SANCHEZ Valentina COL +15,944

Full ranking HERE

Top 3 Junior Men’s Landing

1. WILLIAMS Jordan GBR 3:28.324

2. MEIER-SMITH Remy AUS +5.916

3. CAPPELLO Davide ITA +7.697

Full ranking HERE

Top 3 women

Frenchwoman Myriam Nicole, the big favorite at this world event, finally finished third in front of a frenzied crowd. No doubt very disappointed, he was unable to overcome the successful lap times by Höll and Hoffmann.

It should be noted that the Swiss Camille Balanche, who recently ran with a half-recovered collarbone after a fracture, took the 4th place.

1. HÖLL Valentina AUT 3:53.857

2. HOFFMANN Nina GER +0.906

3. NICOLE Myriam FRA +3.447

Full ranking HERE

Top 3 downhill men

Complete madness on and around the track with several thousand fans, with dazzling performances from the French team. Smoke signals, fanfares, horns, shouts and an invasion of the finish area were not much to celebrate the Tricolor riders.

Ill-born author Loic Bruni comes in search of a new world title, the fifth of his career, ahead of World Cup leader Amaury Pierron and his friend Loris Vergier for a fantastic blue hat-trick.

This event and its atmosphere will remain forever in the memory of the medalists, especially those who have just experienced one of the most beautiful moments of their sports life. Just awesome!!!

1. BRUNI Loic FRA 3:20.478

2. PIERRON Amaury FRA +2.581

3. VERGIER Loris FRA +3.386

Full ranking HERE

Sunday August 28

09:00 Under-23 women’s Olympic competition

10:45 Under-23 Men’s Cross Country Olympics

13:00 Women’s Elite Cross Country Olympics

15:15 Men’s Elite Cross Country Olympics


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